Flaxfield Nature

www.flaxfieldnature.nl is the official website of Flaxfield Nature Consultancy (FNC).

Flaxfield Nature Consultancy, founded in 1992, by Ing. Joep van de Vlasakker, is an international and independent consultancy in nature management, nature restoration (re-wilding), protected area development and management, sustainable and community based nature conservation and ecology.

Flaxfield is specialized in practical field conservation, integrating species conservation into habitat and ecosystem conservation and has a long time experience in large carnivore and large herbivore conservation. Assignments, from various customers, have brought Flaxlield throughout the Northern hemisphere (Eurasia and North America). It has given Flaxfield the opportunity to work in different habitats and ecosystems and working with people from different cultures.

Flaxfield promotes the conservation and restoration of large scale, connected wilderness areas, the return of the natural role of large herbivores (like bison and Przewalski horses) and large carnivores (like wolves and lynxes) in close harmony with, and benefiting, local communities.

So if you are looking for support, development and/or coordination (in any of the fields mentioned above) or looking for an experienced trouble shooter for your project your are welcome to contact us at:

Flaxfield Nature Consultancy
Deskesven 3
NL-5815 EA Merselo

FNC is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
under number 30109884